Get high conversion rates with eCommerce fraud prevention

Proven risk & fraud management platform

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Exclude risk liability

Spot all types of e-commerce fraud, protect business from chargebacks, get the highest conversion rates.

  • Account Takeovers
  • Identity Theft
  • Bot Attacks
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Referral Fraud
  • CNP Fraud
  • Friendly Fraud

Increase customer lifetime value

Identify your best customers, increase CLV and average order value, use customer knowledge for more precise decisions.


Covery scores your users on the scale from -100 to +100 points, detects fraudsters and best performers, and offers an opportunity of up-selling

Covery Features

Your risk analysts use platform they dreamed of

  • Rule management system

    Applies rules to reproduce any user behavior patterns and incorporates your unlimited in-house data points

  • Machine Learning engine

    Combines completely personalized risk logic and machine learning models to suit your business needs

  • KYC procedure automation

    Transforms manual KYC procedure into an automatic process of complex data collection, analysis, and decision-making all-in-one place

  • Device Fingerprinting

    Links in-house data with device fingerprinting data to analyze potential risks in the real-time within 200 ms.

  • Trustchain

    Reduces your operational overhead using automated flows for instant reputation updates in Trustchain

  • Enhanced reporting

    Congregates all the decisions into one place with a simple API, provides data processing, decision-making and reporting all together

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User events we analyze

Covery platform analyzes 5 000 000 actions from various industries daily

  • Installation
  • Registration
  • Confirmation
  • Login
  • Order item
  • Order submit
  • Transaction
  • Refund
  • Payout
  • KYC submit
  • KYC profile

Why сhoose Covery

Increase your conversion and fight fraud more efficiently

  • 5+ Years

    in e-commerce industry

  • 1.5+ Billion

    user reputation records in Trustchain

  • Billion

    user actions analyzed

  • 300+ Million

    credit card fraud attempts prevented

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