EMI license consulting

Get a ready-to-go package of solutions to obtain EMI license effortlessly

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What you get

The Covery team has 8+ years of expertise in the payment industry

  • No 3d-parties

    No 3d-parties

    All integrations for KYC/KYB/AML, transaction monitoring, and chargeback mitigation are already made on our side.

  • Customization


    We set up customizable rule scenarios and machine learning models to ensure AML and transaction monitoring for specific locations.

  • 100% efficient application

    100% efficient application

    We make everything possible to make you the best EMI candidate for the regulator on each stage of the application, thus we provide the safety of your operational expenses.

What you get

Covery’s integrations and platform features allow our customers to obtain EMI license more easily and quickly

  • Global coverage

    Get private, industry, global Trustchain records updating in the real-time.

  • Limetless Integration

    Integrate with other Covery features into any payment gateway, CRM via API.

  • Customizable system

    Save operational time, money, and team resources while automating fraud prevention.

  • Valuable Insights

    Get more than 12 various user identifiesrs and make precise decisions in real-time.

  • Increased revenues

    Cut down the quantity of bots and fraudsters up to 40% and get opportunity for revenue growth.

  • Compliance

    Comply with the latest AML, KYC, GDPR, PSD2 requirements, secure transactions.

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Why choose Covery EMI consulting

It gives your business more opportunities to obtain EMI effortlessly and quickly

  • Ready-to-go integrations with KYC/KYB/AML solutions
  • Transaction monitoring for specific locations
  • Application consulting on each stage
  • Automation of KYC/KYB/AML procedures
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Covery EMI success cases

Success of our clients is our success

Covery + Genome

Genome, envisioned by its founders as a "product that will elevate financial routine for individuals and businesses", is an online finance ecosystem helping users and merchants registered within the EU with everything related to payments online.

In 2018, Covery helped Genome to obtain an EMI license in Lithuania by automating the KYC procedure.

The Covery platform's implementation into Genome resulted in a 90% efficiency in KYC procedure automation, 98% efficiency in the automation of transfers, higher customer retention, and increased conversion rates.


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