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We know your industry problems

Fraud and not responsible gaming lead to crucial business losses

  • Fraudulent affiliate traffic - wasted marketing budgets
  • Friendly fraud - high chargeback ratio
  • Bonus abuses - lost revenues
  • Account takeovers - customer disloyalty
  • Gambling fraud - low customer retention

We prevent fraud and make gaming responsible

Comply with the industry standards and implement the best practices of features gaming with our 'extensive functionality

  • Affiliate traffic scoring

    Eliminate fraudulent affiliates, save marketing resources, increase revenue

  • Payment fraud prevention

    Stop unauthorized transactions, nullify false refund requests, detect all potential payment risks

  • Automated KYC procedure

    Remove manual verification, reduce payout time, cut the costs

  • Complete data analysis

    Use in-house data, combine with Covery's knowledge, get fast and precise decision in real-time

  • Intelligent customer retention

    Recognize your high-net worth users, track and analyze customer lifetime value, boost customer acquisition and retention

  • Customizable machine learning

    Create custom Machine Learning models, easily integrate with your current risk logic, reveal previously undetected fraud patterns and increase conversion

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User events we analyze

To detect risks faster, we process more actions than any other solution in iGaming industry

  • Installation
  • Registration
  • Confirmation
  • Login
  • Order item
  • Order submit
  • Transaction
  • Refund
  • Payout
  • KYC submit
  • KYC profile

Trigger the right business process

We connect your business processes with the risk logic you need to get the highest customer retention

  • Flexible Traffic Routing
  • Dynamic 3-D Secure
  • Up-sell
  • Optimized Pricing
  • Custom Business Flow

Accumulated knowledge from all customers enables making the right decisions even in the complete absence of information in the individual chain

Individual Trustchain

Individual Trustchain

analyzes user actions for each customer separately and builds the reputation profiles based on them

Industry Trustchain

Industry Trustchain

includes all reputation knowledge about users’ actions within a specific industry

Global Trustchain

Global Trustchain

is the aggregation of data from all of the industries to compile the global view of users

  • Years

    in iGaming industry

  • Billion

    user actions analyzed

  • 150 Million

    risky user actions prevented

  • 300 Million

    credit card fraud attempts prevented

Ensure responsible gaming for your users!

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