Ethoca Chargeback Prevention

Increase acceptance, eliminate chargebacks, and stop any related fraud

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What you get

Covery’s chargeback protection is a ready-to-go solution that allows our customers to spend no time on third party integrations

  • Increased acceptance rate

    Reduce false declines while improving fraud prevention models, opening acceptance, and creating better experiences.

  • Chargeback elimination

    Stop disputes from becoming chargebacks, do not exceed chargeback threshold, avoid costly fees and related spendings.

  • Fraud protection

    Get chargeback detection connected to a risk assessment platform that detects account takeovers, CNP, and friendly fraud before dispute claim.

  • Chargeback alerts

    Ensure responsiveness and chargeback defense of merchant while obtaining real-time prompt chargeback alerts.

  • Ready-made integration

    Use required solutions which are easy to set up without any need of third-party, time-consuming integrations.

  • Higher customer satisfaction

    Increase customer satisfaction with easy refund processes and business operations optimization.

How it works

  • send

    Customer sends a dispute transaction to issuing bank.

  • alert

    Issuing bank sends a chargeback fraud alert to Covery. Covery transfers fraud alert to merchant.

  • transaction

    Merchant refunds questionable transaction and other connected transactions.

  • statistic

    Issuing bank does not initiate chargeback, thus merchant chargeback statistics is not affected.

Why choose Covery&Ethoca chargeback prevention

It gives your business a chance to not only eliminate chargebacks and detect fraud, but also recover lost revenues and improve customer experience

  • Merchant chargeback protection with enhance fraud prevention
  • CNP fraud detection at the very start
  • Increased customer satisfaction and brand equity
  • Increased acceptance rates

Ready to reduce chargeback fraud up to 40%?

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