VMPI Chargeback Prevention

Reduce disputes and chargebacks, eliminate friendly fraud, and improve customer experience

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What you get

Covery’s VMPI integration allows our customers to prevent disputes and reduce chargebacks spending no time on 3d party integrations

  • VMPI

    A global data-sharing network that prevents disputes, and allows merchants make customer-bank discussion transparent.

  • Chargeback mitigation

    An opportunity to prevent disputes before they become chargebacks, not exceed chargeback threshold and not get costly fees.

  • Friendly fraud detection

    Connection with a risk assessment platform that detects friendly fraudsters even before they claim a chargeback.

  • SLA compliance

    Guarantee of reliability, responsiveness and chargeback defense of merchant, that ensures positive customer experience.

  • Ready-to-go integration

    High-quality services which are easy to use without any need of third-party, time-consuming integrations.

  • Improved customer experience

    Business operations optimization, and a new knowledge of customer behavior and experience.

How it works

  • send

    Customer sends a dispute inquiry to bank-issuer.

  • visa

    Issuer sends a request about transaction details through Visa Resolve Online to merchant with VMPI and Covery integration.

  • data

    Covery gets data from VMPI database and complements it with data about the matched transaction and customer behavior. Notification about the VMPI request is sent to the merchant.

  • merchant

    While the issuer reviews Covery's answer, the merchant reacts to the customer's dispute. Information distribution to the issuer and the actions of merchants on the request decrease the probability of future chargebacks of up to 70%.

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Why choose Covery VMPI integration

It gives your business more room to beat chargeback fraud and increase customer satisfaction

  • Combined risk assessment and chargeback mitigation
  • Friendly fraud detection at the very start
  • Extended customer service and brand equity
  • SLA reliability

Ready to reduce chargeback rates up to 70%?

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