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Covery is a one-stop-shop for risk analysts, payment managers, AML professionals, BI specialists, and data scientists.

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With Trustchain business cuts down the number of bots and fraudsters up to 40% having just reputation records of 12 user identifiers: Email, Card ID, Phone, IP, Email domain, System account ID, Device fingerprint, Device ID, Entity ID, Person ID, IBAN, SWIFT.


Device Fingerprinting

Device Intelligence technology designed by Covery that collects device data during any step and whole user journey.

Implement this technology and secure yourself from: bot attacks, fraudulent traffic, synthetic identities, account takeovers, identity thefts, credit card and CNP fraud.


Machine Learning and Rule Scenarios

Under the hood, Covery uses Supervised Machine Learning that gives unlimited capabilities for creating custom ML models with no development resources.

Create a specific risk logic that analyzes the connections among locations, devices, identity, and behavioral patterns throughout the whole sale funnel.


KYC/KYB/AML Automation

Transform manual KYC into an automated process, incorporate specific business risk logic, and save operational time and money.

Confirm your AML safety & compliance with ongoing monitoring of users through the International PEPs, sanctions, and other lists.


In-Depth Analysis

Platform scores the risks on each step of sales funnel: Installation, Registration, Confirmation, Login, Order item, Order submit, Transaction, Refund, Payout, Transfer, KYC/KYB.

In most cases, customers reduce chargeback ratio by 62% and increase fraud declines by 79% after the implementation of the Covery risk assessment approach.


Complete View

Customizable for a specific industry, merchant business model, billing logic, databases, traffic source.

The platform easily integrates into any payment gateway, CRM, and any other 3d party services via API. Obtain one simple tool for data processing, decision-making, and reporting.


Automated Decision Making and Advanced Reporting

Customizable reports for various business purposes: checking the efficiency of current rules, making a prediction of new rules efficiency, analysis of transactions, and many other crucial points related to business intelligence.

Reduce the operational overhead of your business up to 95% by sending automated reports and decisions whether to accept, reject, or manually check the event made by the user.

Why choose Covery

Detect fraudsters and trusted users more efficiently

  • Billion

    user actions analyzed

  • 350+ Million

    risky actions prevented

  • 1.5+ Billion

    user reputation records in Trustchain

  • Smarter teamwork

    Get one platform to meet all demands of any team: risk, payments, AML, data scientists, etc.

  • Automated business flows

    Route the right customer to the right business flow using customizable actions to create the personalized experience

Customizable platform for any industry

Since March 14, 2016 we work with high- and low-risk businesses to solve different types of fraud and increase revenue based on a specific GEO, billing logic, traffic source, and user risk profile.

What our clients say?

Immediate payment solution requires immediate payment fraud prevention tools and up-to-date compliance with payment regulators. Especially, when your business works for gambling. Covery helped us to establish financial due diligence according to the requirements of MFSA. Besides, we use Covery to monitor transactions, check refunds, payouts, transfers, and to automate AML procedure. With Covery weget immediate and real-time decisions.

Paloma González Mascaraque

Head of payments at Betconstruct

We got more than automation of KYC procedure. Covery not only canceled the need for manual checkups and the risks of human errors on our side, but also helped to increase customer retention and satisfaction rate and, thus, increased customer lifetime value. With Covery we are progressing toward a new standard of financial ecosystem for online entrepreneurs.

Daumantas Barauskas


Covery makes us secure. We used this platform to become and stay compliant with the latest requirements of the financial regulator in Georgia - DBF, ensure financial due diligence. Covery's risk analysts created a specific risk logic for UniPay that every day analyzes the connections among locations, devices, identity, and behavioral patterns of our users in real-time. Based on this analysis we get everyday automated reports helping us to reduce operational costs, to spot fraud instantly, and well-warranted.

Koba Kurdadze


At Mr.Bet we recognise the value of our customers' safety as much as we want the business to be protected. So, we apply Covery platform for all steps of our sales funnel and customer journey to analyse risks and prevent fraud with dispatch. We also use Covery’s automated KYC procedure to comply with the latest KYC&AML and responsible gaming regulations.

Richard Walsh

Head of Risk

Mobeetech chose Covery because this platform fulfills all our business needs and demands in one place. We were searching for the solution that could gather all our in-house data with oncoming in one place, send us automated decisions on what to do with users, detect all possible media fraud patterns in real-time. Additionally, we got full assistance in the creation of the risk logic specifically for our business model and traffic sources!

Robert-Jan van Hooijdonk


Covery reduced our chargeback ratio 4 times and decreased bot traffic from affiliates by 30%. That became possible with the traffic scoring, application of device fingerprinting technology on our conversion pages, and help of Covery team with the creation and management of our risk assessment strategy. It also must be said, with this platform we discovered new fraud patterns and the ways of their mitigation.

Viktor Arabinskiy

Product manager

Every day we strive to earn the trust of our users and partners, and Covery is of great help for us. The IP screening solution they provide helps us to avoid bad reputation identifiers and to improve targeting algorithms. The central premise of ASKfm is to be an engaging and safe place and Covery is our trusted partner helping us to reach this goal.

Svetlana Verpakhovskaya

Head of Monetization

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