Card-not-Present Fraud Protection

Protect your business while reducing CNP fraud and securing your customers

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Secure business from revenue losses and unfair chargebacks

Stop CNP fraud earlier to prevent more harmful fraud consequences:

  • Reputation damage

  • Chargeback fraud

  • Account takeovers

  • Identity thefts

  • Phishing

  • Friendly fraud

Covery features

Covery is a simple combination of tools decreasing CNP fraud up to 80%

  • Card ID

    Spots previously seen credit cards without storing their PAN numbers. Our secure PCI DSS level 1 storage will make this happen.

  • Transaction analysis

    Checks all incoming and ongoing card transactions on fraudulent signs and combines it with other user data.

  • Device Fingerprinting

    Device Intelligence technology designed by Covery that collects device data during the user journey at any life cycle point.

  • VMPI

    Helps to avoid chargebacks by providing ability to respond to cardholder inquiries about questioned charges and transactions.

  • Device Screening

    Combination of Device Fingerprinting with AI risk assessment tool that gives a reputation of device, its geolocation, and fraud trigger with reason.

  • IP Screening

    Combines AI risk assessment tool with Trustchain, and shows IP reputation with a specific reason and connected devices.

  • Customizable ML

    Supervised Machine Learning that gives unlimited capabilities for creating custom ML models with no development resources.

  • KYC&AML automation

    Helps to avoid manual work, comply with regulatory standards, conduct ongoing monitoring through PEPs, sanctions and other global lists.

  • Trustchain

    Global reputation database that stops events with compromised identifiers, updates in real-time, and stores 400+ million reputation records.

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Security matters

  • ISO 27001

    Covery is a SaaS solution that uses one of the most secure ISO 27001 certified cloud services.

  • GDPR Policy

    Implemented to your business under full responsibility and up-to-date control of our Data Protection Expert.

  • Sustainable Procurement

    100% of our customers comply with the Sustainable procurement policy (Code of Conduct).

  • Disaster recovery & Data retention

    We backup and store your data in a separate secure cloud for 2,5,7 or 10 years, thus your business can operate during emergency or disaster.

Secure business from chargebacks with efficient CNP fraud protection

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