Secure business from scam and reputation losses

Account takeover is not the primary purpose of fraudsters, they chase bigger goals

  • Reputation damage

  • Bank account takeover

  • Credential sales

  • Employee emails compromise

  • Identity thefts

  • Phishing campaigns

  • Loyalty programs exploiting

Covery features

Covery is a simple combination of tools allowing you to prevent any kind of account takeover techniques

  • Trustchain

    Global reputation database that stops events with compromised identifiers, updates in real-time, and stores 300+ million reputation records.

  • Customizable ML

    Supervised Machine Learning that gives unlimited capabilities for creating custom ML models with no development resources.

  • Device Fingerprinting

    Device Intelligence technology designed by Covery that collects device data during the user journey at any life cycle point.

  • Risk-Trust scoring

    Indicates not only fraudsters, but good users, VIP customers, and whales in order to trigger right business flow.

  • Device Screening

    Combination of Device Fingerprinting with AI risk assessment tool that gives a reputation of device, its geolocation, and fraud trigger with reason.

  • IP Screening

    Combines AI risk assessment tool with Trustchain, and shows IP reputation with a specific reason and connected devices.

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Secure brand reputation with efficient account takeover protection

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