Safeguard your trusted users and keep fraudsters away

Proven risk & fraud management platform

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Ensure user safety

Prevent all types of fraud common for online services

  • Affiliate fraud

  • Identity theft

  • Account takeover

  • Phishing

  • Device emulation

  • Bonus abuse

Covery features

Covery is a simple anti-fraud tool that allows you to meet all of your risk team and business needs

  • Risk-Trust Scoring

    Indicates not only fraudsters, but good users and VIP customers, and helps to trigger a right sales and marketing flow.

  • Trustchain

    Global database with 300+ million reputation records, that stops events with compromised identifiers, and updates in real-time.

  • IP Screening

    Combines AI risk assessment tool with Trustchain, and shows IP reputation with a specific reason and connected devices.

  • Device Fingerprinting

    Device Intelligence technology designed by Covery that collects device data during the user journey at any life cycle point.

  • Device Screening

    Combination of Device Fingerprinting with AI risk assessment that gives a reputation of device, its geolocation, and fraud trigger with reason.

  • Customizable ML

    Helps to avoid manual work, comply with regulatory standards, conduct ongoing monitoring through PEPs, sanctions and other global lists.

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Increase customer lifetime value

Use customer knowledge to identify best customers, bots, and fraudsters


Covery scores your users on the scale from -100 to +100 points, detects fraudsters and best performers, and helps to achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Why сhoose Covery

Detect fraudsters and trusted users more efficiently

  • Billion

    user actions analyzed

  • 7+ years

    in online services industry

  • 80 Million

    bot attack attempts prevented

  • 250 Million

    risky actions prevented

  • 1.5+ Billion

    user reputation records in Trustchain

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