Device screening

Get the reputation and unique identifiers of any device as a part of end-to-end risk mitigation measures

Covery Device Identification Service

  • Use device screening, an online service from Covery, to check any logged-in device for signs of fraudulent activity

  • The device ID checker service is available in USA, Europe and worldwide and gathers the publicly available device ID details during every visitor session

Take a look at how device screening works

Get all the available reputation details on any device based on 400+ million records in our global database

You can use device reputation check for free 5 times

Results to expect

  • IP screening reputation

    IP screening reputation

    See all the details provided by the IP screening

  • Device reputation

    Device reputation

    Learn if this device was used within the Covery community

  • Device properties

    Device properties

    Get a full picture of the environment this device operates in

Get all the publicly available details about any device and the environment it operates in. This helps enable precise risk scoring in real-time

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The business value of device screening

  • Track multi-accounts

    Track multi-accounts

    Device screening helps identify multi-accounts created from a single device and prevent related fraud cases

  • Track emulated devices

    Track emulated devices

    Detect if your customers use VPN or any other kind of device emulation — and find out the reason behind this

  • Content customization/localization

    Content customization/localization

    Use the device preferences data to analyze your audience and customize your website content accordingly

You can use the device screening on its own, or as one of several risk mitigation procedures

Check the reputation of your customers in real-time

based on 400+ million reputation records in our global Trustchain database

  •  IP screening

    IP screening

    Evaluate the risk level of any IP address in real-time

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  • Trustchain


    Use Trustchain to automate fraud prevention

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